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natural PetNat cider with a touch of sour cherry

Fruit type(s)        apples (⅔), pears (⅙) and sour cherry (⅙)

Varieties        Sirius apples, Conference pears, mixed sour cherries

Category1        Pet Nat cider

Category2        sparkling

Category3        blend

Country        Hungary

Farming practices        organic

Certified        Yes

Certification body        Biocont Hungária Kft.

Vinification overview

🆗    milled

1️⃣8️⃣h    maceration in open vat

🆗    pressed

4️⃣4️⃣d    fermentation in amphora

🆗    bottled with lees

1️⃣1️⃣m    bottle aging

Vintage details        The annual precipitation did not reach 350 mm, so nearly the same amount had to be irrigated. Due to the drought and the warmer than average year, harvest resulted in higher sugar levels, lower acidity, and smaller fruit size than usual, despite the trees having an average, age-appropriate load

Scratterday        9 Oct 2022

Vinification process        The apples and pears were milled, then macerated for 18h before pressing the pomace

Pressed        Yes

Fermentation        Spontaneous fermentation in 320 liter tava amphoras

Fining        unfined

Filtering        unfiltered

Added sulphites        no sulphites added

Added sugar        Excuse me?

Bottling on        22 Nov 2022

Bottling method        The primary fermentation process for Sirius apples (⅔) and the Conference pears (⅙) has been completed. Before bottling, juice from the sour cherries (⅙) were added. The secondary fermentation then took place inside the bottle

Aging        Bottle aged for 11 months

Disgorged        No

Disgorging on        No

L number L2211220280

Alcohol 7%

Bottle weight (g) 600g

Bottle vol.0.75 l

Closure crown cap

Closure detail gold

Ideal serving temperature well chilled < 6 °C


  • Open well chilled with care, and enjoy!

  • 280 bottles made with lots of love


#organicapples, #organicpears
#bottleaged, #2022

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