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Pinot Noir 2023


Grape varietie(s)    Pinot Noir

Category1    single vineyard single variety

Category2    dry wine


Village    Szent György-hegy

Wine region    Badacsony

Country    Hungary

Facing    East,south-east

Size of plot    0.5 ha

Number of vines    2,400

Soil    Basanite bedrock at the base, overlain by sedimentary sand from the Pannonian Sea era, and topped with a layer of brown forest soil 

Year of plantation    2001

Training method    Guyot

Farming practices    Organic viticulture and permaculture practices

Certification body    Biokontroll Hungaria


Vintage    vintage with average temperature, with significant amount of rain (930mm) rainfaill  This humid climate resulted in an extreme shock to the vines, challenging their resilience.

Day(s) of harvest    3/9/2023

Vinification process    Crafted from our 22-year-old southeast-facing organic Pinot Noir vineyard, nestled atop a rich basanite bedrock. Despite the challenges of a rainy season and unexpected hail, our dedicated efforts culminated in the harvest of healthy bunches on Sep 3. After destemming, we employed a 9-day maceration in 750-liter amphoras. The wine was then gracefully settled into 320-liter amphoras using gravity alone. Bottled on Jan 24, 2024, without the addition of sulphites, unfiltered and unfined, this Pinot Noir unapologetically showcases the vibrant fruity essence of its distinctive vintage.

Pressing    no

Fermentation    Tava amphoras

Aging     4 months bottle aging

Fining    unfined

Filtering    unfiltered

Added sulphites    no sulphites added

Bottling    24 Jan 2024

No. of bottles    1223

L number    L2401241223

Alcohol    12.00%

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