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Fruit type(s):    apples

Varieties :   Sirius

Category1:    Pet Nat cider

Category2:    sparkling

Category3:    single variety apple

Country:    Hungary

Farming practices:    organic

Certified:    Yes

Certification body: Biocont Hungária Kft.

Day(s) of vinification: 9 Oct 2022

Vinification process: Milled, then macerated for 18h before pressing the pomace

Pressed: Yes

Fermentation: Spontaneous fermentation in 320 liter tava amphoras

Fining: unfined

Filtering: unfiltered

Added sulphites: no sulphites added

Added sugar: What?!?

Bottling on: 31 Oct 2022

Bottling method: The PetNat technique was employed, where the primary fermentation was completed within the bottle, along with the presence of fine lees. This process results in the creation of delicate and natural bubbles

Aging: Bottle aged for 7 months in the cellar

Disgorged: No

Disgorging on: No

L number: L2210311000

Alcohol: 6.5%

Acidity: (g/L)

Residual sugar:


Bottle weight (g): 600g

Bottle vol.: 0.75 l

Closure: crown cap

Closure detail: gold

Ideal serving temperature: well chilled < 5 °C

Serving fun fact: Each glass offers a unique flavor profile depending on the amount of fine lees that you pour into it. We prefer the end, with a lot of lees! What's your preference?

Number of bottles: 1,000

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