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In 2011, I had one of my first experiences with low intervention wines. It struck me right away. In 2012 I visited RAW FAIR London for the first time, which was a revelation and a shock. Several international natural wine fairs, tours and tastings followed. In 2018 I had a dream of making my own wines. In February of 2019 I started pruning my vines (previously rented out to grower practicing organic viticulture), and made my very first vintage. After bottling 2020, I decided to set up a winery. In late 2020 I found out that a substantial proportion of my ancestors were winegrowers in Óbuda (Alt-Ofen). The name of the winery was given: their family name. Gittinger Pince (Winery) was formed.

Gittinger Pince a tiny scale winery near Lake Balaton (Szent György-hegy, Hungary) with sole focus on terroir and respect to nature.

We produce rosé, PetNat and red wine from Pinot Noir (planted in 2001, always been farmed organically), in 2022 we planted (#notillplantation) 0.5 ha of Kéknyelű (white autochton variety only in our wine region), we produce several different batches of sparkling PetNat ciders from organic apple varieties. In the cellar: nothing is added, nothing is taken away. We ferment and / or age in amphoras and produce our wines with lots of love and care.


- Attila

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We make all our wines and ciders without any intervention. Nothing is added, nothing is taken away.

We focus on terroir and respect nature.

“Giving huge attention, on a tiny scale with minimal intervention”

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Hegymagas, Mókus körút hrsz. 943, 8265 Hungary

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