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Giving huge attention, on a tiny scale with minimal intervention

Back in 2011, I had a transformative encounter with low intervention wines that left a lasting impression. The following year, I embarked on a journey to RAW FAIR London, an event that opened my eyes and challenged my perspective. This experience was just the beginning, as I delved into the world of natural wines, attending international fairs, tours, and tastings.

In 2018, a dream took hold of me—I envisioned crafting my own wines. Taking action in February 2019, I began pruning my vines, which were previously leased to an organic grower. This marked the start of my very first vintage. After bottling the 2020 harvest, I resolved to establish my own winery.

Towards the end of 2020, an astonishing revelation surfaced: a significant portion of my ancestors were winegrowers from Waldenburg, Germany. They had migrated to Óbuda (Alt-Ofen) in the 18th century. It was then that the name for my winery became evident—Gittinger Pince (Winery), paying homage to my family lineage.

Gittinger Pince is a small-scale winery nestled near Lake Balaton, specifically on the slopes of Szent György-hegy in Hungary. Our unwavering focus lies in the concept of terroir and a deep respect for nature.

Our range of wines includes red wine (sometimes PetNat) made from Pinot Noir. The Pinot Noir vineyard spans 0.5 hectares and has been organically farmed since its establishment in 2001. In 2022, we expanded our vineyards with a 0.5-hectare plantation of Kéknyelű, a unique white autochthonous variety exclusive to our wine region. Furthermore, we craft various batches of sparkling PetNat ciders using organically grown apple varieties.

Additionally, we proudly produce wine from our 2.6-hectare vineyard located in Fruska Gora, Serbia. Working closely with Kadarka, Merlot, Mézes Fehér, and Bakator grape varieties, we carefully craft a unique expression that showcases the distinctive terroir of the region. This endeavor allows us to explore new flavors and expand our winemaking horizons.

Within our cellar, we adhere to a philosophy of minimal intervention. Nothing is added, and nothing is taken away. We ferment and age our wines in Tava amphoras, ensuring that each bottle is crafted with immense love and care.

So here's to raising a glass—Egészségedre!

- Attila



At our winery, we are committed to the art of making wines and ciders in the most natural way possible. Upholding the principle of non-intervention, we ensure that nothing is added or taken away from the pure juice of a given vintage.

Our focus lies in highlighting the unique character of the terroir. This dedication is an expression of our deep respect for nature, understanding that it is the primary source of the flavours and aromas that make our wines and ciders truly exceptional.

Furthermore, we pay meticulous attention to every detail of our production process, despite its small scale. This minimal intervention approach underlines our belief in letting nature take its course, resulting in wines and ciders that are not only of high quality, but also a true reflection of their place of origin.

“Giving huge attention, on a tiny scale with minimal intervention”


Hegymagas, Mókus körút hrsz. 943, 8265 Hungary

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Natural Cider and Wine in front of a Tava Amphora
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